Mammoplasty or breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in recent years, with an increasing popularity throughout younger population (Females and Males). In the last year more than 20,000 breast augmentation have been implanted. The 90’s woman made popular the feminine form, tending to have a special consideration for curves.

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation is perfect not only to increase the size of the breast, but also to make it look well defined, prevent differences in size between one breast and the other and increase the volume lost during breast-feeding. Breast augmentation is not recommended to patients with fibrosis, infections or breast cancer.


After the intervention, aesthetic benefits are visible; you would not only increase the size, but also its aspect. Without any doubts, breast augmentation is the most popular implant procedure of all.


It is a surgical procedure that takes between 1 hour and 1 ½ hour, it does not requires hospitalization, however, there is a recovery time of a couple of hours after surgery. The patient leaves the hospital with minimum or not pain at all, with a special bandage that will help decrease the pressure and inflammation. The patient can reintegrate to her or his normal life just three or four days later. Breast augmentation is now an easier, simpler and less painful procedure when is performed by specialists.

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