Preventing Breast Cancer with Prophylactic Mastectomy

This is one preventive solution to breast cancer. Breast cancer risk increases with the age.

When we talk about breast cancer, we usually think about chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other radical measures such as the mastectomy, this in the case the patient has cancer. But we can also find the preventive or prophylactic mastectomy, a procedure recommended for patients with high risk of suffering cancer.

Prophylactic mastectomy is usually recommended when there is a high hereditary relation with breast cancer, if the mother, grandmother, aunts or sisters have suffered it, there is a higher risk of developing this disease.

Prophylactic mastectomy is the surgical extirpation of one of both mammary glands. This reduces risk of developing breast cancer. It is important to mention that this procedure is meant only for a very specific segment that truly inherited a strong genetic load.


During this procedure we extirpate all mammary gland, leaving the skin, the aureole and the nipple in its place. A lot of women decide to combine this procedure with a breast reconstruction, in order to re gain the original breast shape.

It is an ambulatory procedure; if the reconstruction is recommended during the same intervention we place the implant or implants in order to obtain the most natural results as possible.

The main aesthetic objective of a breast reconstruction is to achieve a natural appearance, assure a better quality of life for the patient and maintain her confidence.

If the patient has already been diagnosed with breast cancer, the procedure changes completely. There are two different techniques that are constantly evolving in order to provide the patient a better quality of life and a real solution; this is placing an expander to gain skin elasticity. After few weeks an implant is put into place.

Existing studies and data suggest that the mastectomy can considerably reduce the breast cancer incidence for women with moderate and high risk.

A patient with high risk inhered this from his birth. Some specialized laboratories offer genetic studies that can indicate if a woman presents or has any risk of having genetic mutations that can make the risk of breast cancer higher.

There are not obvious symptoms, this because the patient that is subject to this surgery is a completely healthy woman. They just have relatives within the female group that suffer or suffered breast cancer.


They are the same as any other surgical procedure. It is recommended to keep monitoring the breast, perform regular examinations, self-touch and mammography.

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