Abdominoplasty or Lipectomy is more of a procedure than a plastic surgery to improve our body image. It consists on eliminating skin an tissue excess from the abdomen, strengthening the abdominal wall as well.

The procedure starts with an incision on the upper part of the pelvis all the way to the hips. Depending on the flaccidity of the skin or the excess of fat is the size of the incision. This procedure can be performed adding the liposuction, depending the case.


Ideal patients for this procedure is that man or woman that has a relatively good figure, but are not completely happy with the fat or skin excess on the abdomen, something that cannot be eliminated with diets or physical exercise. It is also a prefect surgery for women that have had several pregnancies, increasing tissue and skin flaccidity. It is also convenient for post bariatric patients or those who have lost a lot of weight naturally.

It is required for tummy tuck patients to remain hospitalize one or two days after the procedure and continue with the post surgery cares in their home, being wearing a special corset for approximately one month after surgery.



– Abdomen
– Posterior abdominal
– Combined
– Hip lifting
– Gluteal resection

– Hospitalization with an 8 hour fast.
– Surgery time
– General anesthesia
– Intermediate Care (1-1/2 hour)
– 1 day hospitalization
– Discharge
– 1 week appointment for checking the drainage (if pertinent, remove them)
– 15-day appointment.
– 1 month appointment for scar check
– Other appointments if needed

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