This is one of the most known and performed procedures in the art of the plastic surgery, it allow us to eliminate permanently all fat deposits that accumulate throughout the body. This, by a very simple and safe aspiration of fat tissue.

We not only eliminate the fat, but we also relocate it in other areas of the body in order to create more curves, it is a surgical way of sculpting the body to the desired shape. This procedure can be perform to either women or man, specially if they have a moderate overweight, making them the perfect candidates to these kinds of procedures. It can be performed in several areas of the body, the abdomen, arms, back, face, almost any body part.


We will evaluate the general state of the fat deposits, the tone and firmness of the skin. In this appointment the alternative methods to improve the body shape will be explained to you, such as the tummy tuck or a combination of both.

– Don’t expect to gain an optimal aspect just after surgery
– Worked areas will present inflammation
– All body pain after surgery will be treated with prescribed drugs
– You might loose sensitivity in the area. Don’t worry, it will come back
– Recovery is a gradual process.

– You will wear an special garment after surgery. It can be complemented with presotherapy treatments, ultrasounds and massages.
– You cannot take the sun or any UVA for at least 2 months after the procedure.
– We recommend you to have a healthy diet after surgery, after all it is Your body u are investing on.

– 1 week appointment
– 15 day appointment
– 1 month appointment
– 3 months follow up appointment

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