Rhinoplasty is the most intellectual and technically challenging surgical procedure, it requires an inflexible technique, something that is not that rigorous in other procedures. A rhinoplasty with a high quality technique should not look fake or that it has some work on it, it also needs to be statically balanced with the rest of the facial characteristics of each patient.

Nose Job:

Nose Job surgery is a procedure that takes place in a hospital, on an Operation Room with general or full anesthesia. This procedure as any other secure surgery needs to fulfill different control and security monitoring by a team of highly specialized physicians, nurses and other medical personnel.


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job is a surgery that has an OR duration between one hour and one hour and thirty minutes, it does not require a long stay at the hospital or on a recovery room. However it does needs a couple of hours after the intervention in order to be completely sure that the patient feels and actually is completely ok.

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